Woodhaven Water Company, Inc. operates a Class V community waterworks having a design capacity of 311,200 gpd at Woodhaven Shores located in New Kent County in accordance with Title 32.1 of the Code of Virginia, and the Waterworks Regulations of the Virginia Department of Health (12V AC5-590). A permit was issued in accordance with previously issued Operation Permit No. 4127925 dated November 19, 2002 and Construction Permit No. 400411 dated March 2, 2011 and with the understanding that this owner will operate the waterworks in accordance with Part II, "Operation Regulations for Waterworks," of the Waterworks Regulations of the Virginia Department of Health and any variances or special requirements noted below.

Data Log: Woodhaven Water Company meter system is a radio read system that provides an automated system of reading meters.  Our office staff loads the portable computer system with an antenna on top of the car and can read all 500+ meters in just over an hour by driving through the community.  This system also provides a meter log data report that can show an individual residence how much water is being used in a given time period.  (show an example of a data log with name and address blacked out).  This service is available upon request (there may be a charge for this service).  This data log can give you the information you need to determine if you have a leak.


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