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Woodhaven Water Company was created by a group of dedicated residents of Woodhaven Shores in the early 1970’s.  They created a not-for-profit company, borrowed the purchase price from USDA Rural Development on a 40 year loan and acquired the water system from the developer.  That 40-year loan was paid off in 2011.  The company was managed and run by a group of volunteers that had a vision of a developed community.  In 2001 the original well between Hawkins Field and Hemlock Rd. failed and collapsed.  To repair/rehab that well site resulted in another 40-year loan loam USDA Rural Development to replace the well (#1) facility.  Prior to that rehab at the #1 well, we did not have a generator to provide continuous water service through a power outage.  In 2005, the Department of Environmental Quality in response to EPA regulations started looking closer at our water usage and determined that our system was using more ground water than a community our size should be using.  By 2009, the DEQ had determined that our community water system was negligent and gave us a directive to install water meters at each connection and fined WWC $35,000.  This directive resulted in another USDA Rural Development 40-year loan to fund the meter installation project.

The Board of Directors is a group of seven (7) volunteers that own property in the community. You must own property in Woodhaven Shores and be a stock holder to serve on the board. We are always looking for people who are interested and willing to serve the community by becoming a board member. Please contact the office if you would like more information.

Waterline Project

In 2001 as part of the construction design for the well #1 replacement, engineers modeled the water distribution system which indicated that there were portions of the community that lack adequate water pressure, which the Va. Department of Health considers a health risk.  Additionally, the existing water system was constructed in the late 1950s with what today would be considered substandard material.  In 2012 WWC and its engineers designed the replacement of 25,000 linear feet of 8 inch water main which would provide better flow and pressure to the community.  Key elements of the project included a new 8” water main, lake crossing and fire hydrants in the community.  The $2 million project was funded through the USDA Rural Development with a low-interest forty-year loan.

Now Available

For your convenience, you can pay your bill online now. Just click on the link above to pay via PayPal use a credit or debit card for a secure transaction. Please note that PayPal will display "Donate" due to the nature of our not-for-profit company. All payments received will go towards your account. 



All inquires or requests may be emailed. Please submit contact information and details about the water related matter so that we may best assist.
For water related emergency only, please contact the Emergency line at (757) 603-5244 and leave a detailed message.



For updates and current informaiton, please visit our Facebook page. Office visits are by appointment only. Please call or email us with any questions or concerns. manager@woodhavenwater.com or call (804) 932-4577.