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Woodhaven Water Company meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM. Monthly meetings are located in the board room at the office:
7242 Lakeshore Drive, Quinton, Virginia 23141.

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Section 1.  The annual meeting of the stockholders of the corporation shall be held at the Town of Woodhaven Shores Subdivision, County of New Kent, State of Virginia, at 8:30 o'clock p.m., on the 4th Monday in January of each year, if not a Sunday of legal holiday, place , day, and time of the annual  meeting may be changed to any other convenient place, day, and time in the county by the board of directors giving notice thereof to each stockholder not less than ten(10) days in advance thereof.

Section 2.  Special meetings of the stockholders may be called at any time by action of the board of directors, and such meetings must be called whenever a petition requesting such meeting is signed by at least ten percent of the stockholders and presented to the secretary or to the board of directors.  The purpose of every special meeting shall be stated in the notice thereof, and no business shall be transacted thereat except such as is specified in the notice.

Section 3.  Notice of meetings of the stockholders of the corporation both regular and special, shall be give by notice mailed by first class mail to each stockholder of record, directed to the address shown upon the books of the corporation, not less than ten (10) nor more than forty (40) days prior to such meeting.  Such notice shall state the nature, time, place and purpose of the meeting; but no failure or irregularity of notice of any annual meeting, regularly held, shall affect any proceeding taken thereat.

Section 4. The presence at a meeting of stockholders entitled to cast in their own right or by proxy one third of the total number of shares entitled to vote at the meeting shall constitute a quorum.  All proxies shall be in writing and filed with the secretary.  Such proxies may be general or restrictive.  Proxies shall be revocable and shall not be valid beyond 11 months unless otherwise stated in the proxy nor after cancellation of the stock certificate cessation of the stockholder's interest in the property.

Section 5.  Directors of this corporation shall be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders provided in ARTICLE VIII, Section 1.  No cumulative voting shall be allowed.

Section 6.  The order of business at the regular meetings and so far as possible at all other meetings shall be:
1.  Calling to order and proof of quorum.
2.  Proof of notice of meeting. 
3.  Reading and action on any unapproved minutes.
4.  Reports of officers and committees.
5.  Election of directors.
6.  Unfinished business.
7.  New business.
8. Adjournment.